An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy 

I want learn lots of new things in 2016 and I’m off to a great start 🙂 

What a morning, learning a new skill…. Modern calligraphy 🙂 

With a delicious cup of coffee and a cake, a group of us settled down at The Foundation Coffee House in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.  Joyce Lee from Artsynibs lead us step by step through the alphabet, teaching us how to hold the pen, your posture (no slouching!!) and training your muscle memory – helping us to practice this beautiful art form (also reminding us to breathe!!) 🙂    

What a great day! Looking forward to practicing and showing you what I come up with (I’ve had enough coffee to keep me awake all night!) 🙂 looking forward to more doing more workshops with Joyce in the future 🙂


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