Sugar sugar, do do do do do do

I may be slightly giddy from too much sugar… Apologies! Well actually, it’s not the sugar – I’m just really excited after part two of the creative hand writing class lead by Andrea Joseph, this weekend 🙂

As a designer I naturally love typography, but after doing this two part course at The Studios in Mew Mills, Andrea has inspired me to look more at type around me and try drawing it myself…

Surrounded by my (many) pens (and yes I may have bought more today – and a new Dr Ph Martins ink 😉 oopss) I’ve been drawing a sugar packet I brought back with me from a client meeting at Cafe Nero today – I loved the fonts… First attempt… Grrr I used a black fineliner (staedtler) not knowing it wasn’t waterproof (and in all fairness I didn’t check!!) – I was playing with my new ink and it got a bit messy.  I kind of like how it bleeds into each other…but practice makes perfect (well not quite perfect!).

I wanted to see what it’s like to use different tools.  I always tend to go for my unipin 0.8 fineliner/watercolours/ink. So I thought I’d mix it up a bit… I found the pencil quite difficult – I’ve not used them in a while. A bit clunky and smudgy.

Next I played with my Faber-Castell dark sepia medium and brush pens.  It was a bit easier to control and the more I was looking at the letters and practicing it was getting a bit easier. 

Hello coffee brown Dr Ph Martins ink 🙂 couldn’t leave this bad boy out! Got a bit giddy with it on the right, but used my new Aqua brush pen to dilute the colour.  Then went over with the sepia brush pen.

Lastly my good old unipin fineliner (the old faithful).  I feel so much more comfortable with this pen, I just love black on white.   But all in all it was a fun exercise that kept me out of mischief for a couple of hours 😉 

Feel very happy and inspired after the weekend 🙂 have a great week everyone 


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