Four Seasons ~ A Little Chaos

I do love a costume drama.  I recently watched A Little Chaos.  There was a scene between the King and Sabine, which I thought was a totally beautiful way of discribing the beauty of women over time.  It’s inspired me to draw a rose.  Here’s what they say to each other… 

Is it a Four Seasons? It is Sire. For the most famous gardener in the world. Your majesty. A light, honest scent. Natural and unforced. Some of the roses seem faded and overblown. That fate awaits all roses, Sire. Continue Madame…

 All roses are open to the elements. They bud, bloom and fade. Is that so Madame? The rose grows entirely unaware, changing naturally from one state to another, and although the elements may treat her cruelly, she knows nothing of it and continues to her end without judgment on her beauty. Alas, ’tis not the same for us.

If such a rose could speak, what would she say? Yes, I am here and gave service under nature’s eye, and after me, my children will be. Is there any greater contribution or more graceful end? A wise rose. And what protection can the gardener afford this rose from the harsh elements of change? Patience, care and a little warmth from the sun are our best hope, your Majesty.

King Louis XIV & Sabine De Barra ~ A Little Chaos

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