Vintage Ladies in Pen

I’m sorry it’s been a while since blogging.  I can’t quite believe how fast the time has gone this year!  I’ve been very busy on the design side of my business (which is great), but unfortunately I can’t seem to switch my mind from design to art as easy as I’d like…

I’d love to sit down and get doodling, I’ve got lots of ideas swimming around.  Now the dark nights are drawing in, it’ll be a perfect opportunity to get the mulled wine on and sit in front of the fire – electric sadly but still pretty 🙂 surrounded by my arty bits and bobs 🙂

I just wanted to share with you some of the new(ish) vintage ladies I’ve been drawing with my Pentel Brush Pen.  Vintage ladies from the 1920/30/40/50s inspire me 🙂 I’ve filled nearly two A6 sketchbooks with basic line drawings of these ladies.  I thought developing them further would be a challenge…

14238368_10153881943765754_5890151114095189153_n 14264083_10153897669030754_2578745785696939345_n 14317529_10153897669120754_4360607112326337909_n14310347_10153897669130754_5860162174383582488_o

Then I decided to add a bit of gold in the mix…


I had a go at drawing some powerful ladies from history…

14138729_10153882345835754_1120532608447979829_o 14231341_10153882180385754_4114075886689454471_o
14231150_10153882180590754_1946618959365488038_o 14249826_10153882345905754_1160274170773253491_o

Until next time! (hopefully I won’t leave it as long this time 🙂 )

Ms Wood x


Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams Ms Bandit Wood

I honestly didn’t think I’d be where I am now, this time last year. My whole world changed in the blink of an eye – ‘redundant’. It’s a horrible word. It made me feel useless, worthless, well…redundant. Not only did it make me incredibly sad, I worried – well panicked actually! ‘how on earth am I going to pay the bills?’ ‘I’ll have to get another job but there are no jobs out there’. That’s when I sat down with my husband, mum and dad and decided I’d go it alone! * gulp *

I had the greatest support from my friends and family. ‘You’ll be great!’ ‘It’s the best thing that has ever happened to you’. At the time I didn’t believe any of this. I sat there with Jassy on my knee as the tears rolled down my face in their bucketfuls. ‘How can I be alright?’ ‘how is THIS the best thing that’s ever going to happen to me?!’

Now as I sit here in my little creative corner, a year on, looking through the ever daunting tax return I need to submit – it was the best thing to happen to me! My mind switched from being scared to ‘right, here goes nothing’, and I made a plan with Stewart to get cracking with building my new empire. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Being thrown well an truly out of my comfort zone, I’ve just had to grab life by the balls!

2015 was an amazing year, I’ve worked with so many great people and had some superb opportunities and projects to work on.   I discovered The Studios in New Mills early in March 2015, where I took a life drawing class. Tracy, my friend of many years, taught a 6 week course there. Just having that routine on a Thursday morning, helped me to start gaining confidence in the work I do. It also gave me the opportunity to meet new arty minded people.

I’ve made so many new and inspiring friends. I met Andrea, who runs superb Alternative Life Drawing classes. I developed my drawing style from these evenings in New Mills once a month… creative stories, beautiful models, music and the odd glass of wine! (good old Drink and Draw!!) 😉

Art has saved me. Sounds really corny but it has. I know I could’ve easily slipped back into a very dark place… I thought the past year would’ve dragged its arse majorly, but it didn’t. It flew by and I discovered there weren’t enough hours in the day! It’s thanks to art and all the wonderful support of my family and friends.

Having just turned 30 in December, I’m not only looking forward to a New Year, but a new decade of new and exciting possibilities. 2016 is going to be awesome. I’ve already started the year off with a creative hand-lettering course (run by Andrea) and I’ve been on the other side of the table at Drink and Draw, modelling with my equally bonkers Husband Stewart! Will be great to do that again at some point 🙂

I’ve wanted to write down how I’ve been feeling about life, for a while. After chatting with my friend today, it’s made me look back at last year and made me think – thought just when you feel like giving up – don’t! Just keep going!

I’ve come along way since January 2015. I’m following my dreams with my art and design and I’m looking forward 2016’s adventure!

Ms Bandit Wood - Karrie Brown